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Considered having the most beautiful interiors of all the homes at Blackbeard's, the Haagensen House is located in the old slave quarters of the estate.
Mr. John Wright, Lieutenant of the St. Thomas' Fire Brigade, originally built this one and a half-story house in 1822 and rented the property to French baker Claude Perdiguier and his family, who eventually purchased the property. Hans Haagensen came out from Copenhagen to run the Bank of St. Thomas and acquired the property in 1837. He married Sarah Julia Magens, who lived next door at the property of the current archaeological dig and they raised their nine children in the house. The house was built in the grand Charlotte Amalie town residence style, considered Greek revival because of the pediments above the doors and windows. Haagensen House has five period exhibit rooms that display West Indian antiques of the era, giving a sense of how elegantly the merchant class of St. Thomas lived in the prosperous early 1800s.